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The services we can provide

  • To learn your demands thoroughly and identify the application conditions and technical parameters in cooperation with you.
  • To provide appropriate solutions of switching power supply and feature our power supply with the following:
    Customized structure and dimension
    Customized electrical performance indicator
    Customized price and cost
  • To help you solve the problems in application of switching power supply and prevent risks.
  • To provide the mature power solutions with wide ranges of models and types and meet your requirement of standard products efficiently.
  • To be your faithful partner and an affiliated base of you for research, development, test and production of power supply

Quality guarantee

  • For key elements, famous brands in China and abroad are adopted.
    The products are purchased directly from the plant or Grade-I agency to ensure the product quality.
  • The products of defects will never be covered, accepted or delivered.
    We believe that both quality and integrity are of No.1 importance; the defect of 1% may cause a 100% disaster for customers.
  • Guarantee period for products is 5 years; for special products, it is 10 years.
  • Outstanding product services will be provided by professionals.
    We will provide perfect service before, during and after sale. We commit sincerely that we will respond in 24 hours after receiving any claim and 100% of the claims will be handled promptly (within 2 working days).
We care of details, which we believe can show differences and can decide success or failure. We do everything to satisfy you.


  • Rich experience in power supply research and development.
    The head office of the Company is located in Shenzhen; our R&D team, consisting of many elites in the industry, has more than 20 years’ experience in research and development of switching power supply and the leader of R&D team is a national senior engineer who used to direct the implementation of “863 projects“ of China.
  • Short R&D period of power supply.
    The R&D period of normal power supplies is 15-35 days and R&D period of DC power supply for remote power feeding system is 2-3 months.
  • Familiar with and professional in the special power supplies of various industries.
    R&D Department consists of team of LED power supply, team of communication power supply, team of electric power, team of medial power supply, team of industrial control power supply and team of comprehensive power supply; we know every detail about the requirement and key points of design of the powers required by every industry.
  • High reliability of the product.
    We select our elements from international brands with reliable quality and cooperate with Stability Research Center of Ceprei Laboratory in China to ensure the reliability of application of the products.
  • Principle of the company: thinking in professionalism, acting in quality and keeping integrity in heart.
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  • Addr : 2nd Floor, 15th Building, Majialong Industrial Zone,Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, P.R . China.
  • Zip code: 518052

  • Sales Manager : Jane Wu
  • Email : wujing@apluspower.cn
  • Tel : +86-755-86006869
  • Fax : +86-755-86187845
  • Skype : janewu_5

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