Part Field Output power Circuit Input voltage range Output voltage Output current Dimensions

Part No. : AP117
Telecom Power Supply 822W Multiple 90~264Vac 28Vdc 25A 310*132*60
12Vdc 6A
5Vdc 10A

Part No. : AP038
Telecom Power Supply 310W Dual 160~280Vac 27V 0.1-9A 222×120×75
12V 0.1-5A

Part No. : AP116
Telecom Power Supply 1250W Single 90~264Vac 50Vdc 25A 295*132*60

Part No. : AP137
Telecom Power Supply 64.8W Single 90~264Vac 54Vdc 1.2A 102*64*32

Part No. : AP039
Telecom Power Supply 220W Dual 160~275Vac 26Vdc 0~7A 157*120*65
12Vdc 0~3A

Part No. : AP504
Telecom Power Supply 150W Single 90-264Vac 12Vdc 12.5A 220.4*121.6*41.1

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