LED display screen video wall switching power supply AP196
Part No.: AP196
Power Supply Type: LED Power Supply
Special Feature:

LED display screen video wall switching power supply AP196
4.6~5V 80A 400W, mini size 250*60*36mm  
with CE, with N+1 function 

1. LED driver with single output
2. Low ripple and noise, high efficiency, high power factor, high reliability, etc.
3. With over-current/over-voltage/short-circuit/over-temperature protection.

- AC input: 90~264V
- DC output: 4.6~5V 80A 400W
- Efficiency: ≥88%
- PFC: ≥0.95

Electrical characteristics
Input Output
Rated voltage 100~240vac Voltage 4.6~5V
Voltage range 90~264V ac Current 80A
Frequency 47~63Hz Regulation ≤±3%
Efficiency ≥88% Ripple and noise ≤200mVp-p
Leakage current ≤3.5mA
Safety characteristics
Safety standard
Safety UL60950,EN60950
EMC CE CLASS B, less than 6 dB
RE CLASS B, less than 6 dB
Withstand voltage
Input-output Withstand voltage 3000Vac/10mA/1min
Input-FG Withstand voltage 1500Vac/10mA/1min
Input-Signal Withstand voltage
Output-FG Withstand voltage 500Vac/10mA/1min
Output-Signal Withstand voltage
Operating Environment
Operating Temperature -40~80
Relative Humidity 10-95
Storage temp. -40℃~+85℃
Cooling Natural convection
Structure drawing

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